What Are the Drawbacks of Solar Energy?

Solar energy surely has a lot of positive reviews day by day. However, similar to any equipment or thing, people must know that it also has its drawbacks before completely pushing through any massive investments, like solar panel installation. Here are some of them: 

Installation area 

For residential homes, installing solar energy may not need a vast area since you can actually install it on rooftops that can give enough energy. However, for massive firms, a huge space is needed so that you can experience an efficient system that gives constant electricity.  

The negative balance of energy 

Given that the sun is unpredictable, it just indicates that you cannot solely rely on solar energy if you want to promote the economy of a country. Up to this date, solar energy technologies are continuing to develop their findings. Moreover, researchers have predicted that technologies can cater to most of the population of the world by 2020. Starting from that, we will get our main energy source from fossil fuels. 

Used materials to create solar panels could result in pollution 

There’s no updated information on the likelihood of recycling PV panels. Sure, solar panels could last for quite a long time extending about 50 years. However, disposing of such materials could result in extreme environmental impacts. This is a challenge that’s been neglected throughout the previous years and should be addressed right away.   

Problem efficiency 

You would be surprised knowing that a 250-watt solar panel incorporated with 15 percent efficiency gives just the same power as a solar panel of 250 watts with 20 percent efficiency. The difference is apparent in size. Compared to larger panels, smaller panels are more likely to be efficient.  

As you look for ways to power small electronics because of the space aspect, it’s important to have higher efficiency. Regardless, a roof is enough to produce power for any household use. Meaning, people just invest in rooftop solar panels if they have a small roof area. Moreover, it’s great to remember that the most efficient panels are comparatively costly.  

Higher efficiency is important as you search b 

You can’t completely rely on it 

Meaning, energy won’t be produced if the sun isn’t shining. The production of power is greatly affected during the winter seasons and at night. A lot of people already invested in battery backup systems, which are intended to store up energy that you can utilize for your home if the sun isn’t shining. But most of the time, it winds up not adding value to solar energy technology.  

Complications when moving 

Solar energy innovations, such as solar panels, makes it harder to move from one area to another. Moreover, if you consider moving out of your home, the solar contracting provider will change the lease agreement to a new user. Such companies don’t want to be responsible for another cost of removing the solar panels.  

Despite these disadvantages, you should also look for the benefits you can get from installing solar panels. After knowing both sides, don’t hesitate to weigh things out and decide from there. 

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