What to Do Before the Moving Company Arrives

It can be thrilling to move to a new house. Unfortunately, you’ve got to do a lot of preparation. It is extremely simple to forget several things, from boxing up your belongings to planning your relocation.

You’ve got to ensure that you’re prepared for the movers well ahead of time for your move to be effective. You can prevent last-minute hiccups if you do this.

Today, we are going to share with you some things you should do before the moving company arrives. If you want to know more about moving and storing your belongings, simply visit https://www.carefulmovers.net/storage.

Have a Plan for Your Pets

During the move, it is vital to keep your pet contained in a single place. Of course, you do not want your pet to get lost in the shuffle of moving day, right? You’ve got a couple of options to keep your pet safe.

First, you can use a crate. It can get the job done easily. Next, you can hire one to watch over your pet. Lastly, you can confine them in a room if you use a gate in the doorframe.

Make an Inventory

You should create an inventory for your house in each room. this helps document your items if something goes missing or gets damaged. It’s an excellent move to create separate sheets for every room.

Here are several items that you should include in your inventory:

  • Photos of your items. You can use the camera on your phone to do this.
  • A record of your items
  • Copies of vital documents

If you aren’t really great at organizing things, you shouldn’t worry. Nowadays, there are a lot of applications out there that help you with your inventory during the move.

Organize and Clean

You need to organize and clean every single thing you plan to pack. This includes:

  • Clean, empty, and unplug every electrical appliance such as a fridge and dishwasher.
  • Get rid of the batteries from every device.
  • Empty items such as drawers, cupboards, and bookshelves.
  • Drain out the fuel from your tools such as lawnmower or snowblower.
  • Separately pack beddings.

Think About Acquiring Insurance

It is extremely advised that you think about acquiring insurance if you’re moving things of sentimental value or great monetary value. You’ve got to ensure first that you’ve understood every specific condition before you choose the insurance.

Protect and Prepare Your Home

It is completely up to you to protect and prepare both your new and old house before the moving company arrives. Keep your house free from water damage if the weather brings sleet, ice, snow, or rain. It is recommended to put huge blankets or tarps in the doorsteps, hallway, or entryway.

Eliminate Useless Items

You’ve got to ensure your house is free of clutter before moving. You’ve got to ensure you sell or donate items you don’t use anymore. This will help you save the time needed for professionally packing them. It is advised that you get rid of the item if you haven’t used it for at least 1 year.